Professional Masters of Gender and Development (GAD PMA)

Professional Masters’ Degree in Gender and Development


The Faculty of Economics and Political Science is pleased to announce the establishment of a new professional Masters in Gender and Development degree. This cutting edge, innovative two-year degree is the first applied MA in Gender and Development practice to be offered at a public university in Egypt and indeed, in the Arab world. 


Developed in cooperation with the Institute of Development Studies at the University of Sussex, the MA in Gender and Development is a multi- and inter-disciplinary applied degree that empowers students with the knowledge, critical analysis skills and practical competencies to engage with global, national and local development problems through a lens that is both gender and context sensitive.


Why do a Masters Degree in Gender and Development at FEPS?  

  •         A truly multidisciplinary degree giving you a comprehensive, holistic understanding of  social, political and economic challenges to    fffdevelopment and pathways of transformation

  •         The innovative critically applied use of a gender lens to understanding power relations in every aspect of life

  •         Equips you with knowledge that is both tailored for understanding and working in development in both Egypt and internationally

  •         provides you with marketable skills in development practice, rigorous social sciences and policy formulation

  •         offers work experience in the form of a term long internship

  •         empowers you with critical analytical skills for both academic and professional work

  This program is perfect for you if you are:

1.    You have experience in development as a researcher, development practitioner, manager and fieldworker working and you want to enhance your knowledge and skills

2.    You work for government or other policy influencing organization and you want to understand how to better link knowledge, policy with practice

3.    You are a fresh graduate and you want to gain knowledge, capacity building and work experience to equip you for the job market

4.    You work for an international organization and want to understand how to bridge international policy with local practice

5.      You are committed to positive change in our community and want to know how to make it happen

  What jobs does this MA equip fresh graduates for? 

For fresh graduates this MA degree offers skills that are suitable for employment in government ministries, civil society organizations, development research organizations and think tanks, international development organizations and agencies.


Course objectives and learning outcomes


·        Introduce context relevant, gender sensitive and intersectional lenses for students to examine, analyze challenges to transformative and sustainable development and learn how to address them in an innovative manner.

·        Provide a strong theoretical grounding drawn from a wide range of multidisciplinary  literature, from example economic, political, anthropological, and equip students to critically engage with scholarship and ideas

·        Enable students to link theory, policy and practice and bridge the gaps between them

·        Empower students to use applied social science research methods in a professional context for design, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of research and development programmes


Course structure


The programme is designed as follows :


1       Core courses are mandatory courses that all students must take in each term.

2       Elective courses are courses that students can choose depending on their interests. Two elective courses will be available to choose from in in the first three semesters

3       Graduation Project is mandatory and is undertaken in the final semester. Students write on a topic to be agreed with their supervisor. The dissertation can be written in Arabic or English.

First year

Semester 1 (9 Credits)

Semester 2 (12 CH)

·        Introduction to Gender and Development Theory 1 (3CH)

·        Gender and Development Theory 2 (3CH)

·        Practices in gender and development I (3CH)

·        Practices in gender and development II (3CH)

·        Professional and academic skills (3 CH)

·        Gender sensitive approach to qualitative research (3CH)

  • 1 Elective course (3CH)
Second year

Semester 3 (12 CH)

Semester 4 (12 CH)


·        Professional internship (6 CH)

  • Graduation project (12 CH)

·        1 Research methodology – Quantitative (3CH)

  • 1 Elective course (3CH)

Core courses 


(1)  Professional and academic skills

Introduces students to the priniciples of good academic writing as well as key skills and habits needed to succeed in pursuing a Masters Degree that requires bridging scholarship with practice.

(2)  Introduction to Gender and Development Theory 1

Provides a strong foundation in the main concepts used in development, the main theories and critiques.

(3)  Gender and Development Theory 2

Engages with key actors shaping the international, regional and national landscape as well as contemporary thematic areas in development studies

(4)  Gender and development practice 1
Explains core concepts and terms used in gender practice such as “gender mainstreaming” and “empowerment” as well as the different frameworks used for analysis and policy influence

(5)  Gender and development practice 2
Focuses on operational skills and competencies in designing, managing, implementing, monitoring, evaluating development interventions, while being sensitive to gender and intersecting identities

(6)  Research methods 1
Provides an overall understanding of research design and critical inquiry and introducing students to feminist epistemology and core skills in qualitative research methods.

(7)  Research methods 2
Develops ability to undertake quantitative research methods as well as a deeper probing into when to use mixed methods and how in applied practice.

(8)  Professional Internship
Students spend one semester in an organization of their choice under the guided supervision of and with assistance from the course convener in order to understand and analyze organizations and their work from a gender sensitive lens


Elective options

  • Gender, development and conflict

  • Gender politics and development

  • Gender and religion in development

  • Gender and inequality

  • Gender and sustainable development

  • Gender and economics

  • Feminist political theories

  • Gender, civil society and social movements

  Faculty and teaching staff

Dr. Jasmin  Fouad  Director of the MA Programme

Dr. Ola Abou Zeid, Head of the Political Science Department

Dr.  Hoda Elsadda  

Dr.  Sherifa Sherif

Dr Chahir Zaki

Dr Hanan Nazeer

Dr Racha Ramdan

Dr  Amany Masoud  

Dr Amal Hamada

Dr. Riham Bahi

Dr Samaa Hosni

Dr Mohamed Soufar


Application and entry requirements


Entry Requirements

·        An undergraduate degree with a minimum of  pass ( the academic  committee will accept applicants with a pass if they have an accepted number   of  experience  in the field of development and  based on their their personal statement).

·        The minimum acceptable level of English language competence is 500 (international TOEFL) or 6.0 (IELTS).


Documents to be submitted:

·        Official transcript of undergraduate degree

·        A personal statement stating: why do you want to join this masters, what you want to get out of it (specific fields or interests) and what are your ambitions in the next five years (500 words). 


Fees and Scholarships

Students are expected to take 45 credit hours. English language scholarships will be offered for students who have extensive development experience but who struggle with the English language.


For further information:


Contact Person : Jasmine Fouad  jfouad@feps,


Phone number:0020235689910


And please visit our Masters of Gender and Development (GAD PMA)





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